Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh Hey There Life

Congratulations college graduate, you did it! Four years of hard work and a little piece of paper in your early twenties means you're an adult so go out there and live your life. Wrong. Four years of college only means fourteen years of student loans to pay back, about ten years for your liver to recover, five to forget about the all scars you have from dorm life all while that amazing job that was supposed to fall into your lap still hasn't fallen has it?

Welcome to the real world kiddos. The world that no one mentions until you're out of school and things are not all what they seem. My name is Meg and I will be your tour guide through the next phase of your life. You may not know me but I know you, every one of you and not in that creepy I'm watching you way. I'm just like you: twenty-three, freshly graduated with a bachelors degree, working an entry level position in a job pretty close to my field (if you squint really hard) desperately trying to sort everything out one step at a time.

Seriously though I'm a former college blogger who did it all, saw most of it, and remembers about half of the last four years of my life moving on to the next chapter. With this "fresh start" comes a lot of fresh new problems, just like you I thought I had my life figured out and then just like all of you college ended and life began. Ready or not here it comes. I wont give you some long and drawn out introduction of who I am; you'll fall asleep before you end this post instead come take a ride with me along this bumpy ride and we can figure it out together one messy situation and funny story at a time.